August 7, 2014

the transition.

We are just rounding out the one month mark of finally having all of our littles under one roof. It still feels somewhat surreal.

Everyone wants to know how Sylvie is adjusting to this new life of hers. She is doing really well. Surprisingly well, actually. Based on behaviors we {and other traveling families} witnessed from her when we visited, we expected a much tougher transition for her little heart.

But, {there's always a but, isn't there?!} that doesn't mean that things are easy or it's smooth sailing around here. We are stumbling our way through trying to find our new normal.

Remember, we had recently moved far, far away from civilization {okay, it's only fifteen minutes away from our old house but it feels like we are in the middle of nowhere most days}. Our little family was already shaky adjusting to life with a newborn before we threw in the extra dynamic of a toddler who is adjusting to everything being different and doesn't have the ability to verbalize emotions or needs.

Days are long. Loooonnnnggg. There are sibling fights to referee, meltdown minefields to very carefully navigate, diapers to change {oh, the diapers... I want to crawl under the table and cry thinking about the diapers...}, medicines to dispense and littles to entertain {who, might I add, happen to have boundless energy}. The moment daddy pulls in the driveway in the evening, I yell, "daddy's home!" and everyone runs outside. Those tires on the gravel are music to my ears most days.

Once bedtime rolls around, if one more person climbs on my lap or pulls on my arm or asks me to hold him/her, I am at the point of losing it. I just want to sit in silence. {I literally just told Dave not to touch me for at least another fifteen minutes}.

I realize that I sound like I'm complaining. I don't want it to sound that way...I just want to be honest with where we are in this season. Because I know, this too shall pass. 

And you know what? The sweet moments of laughter and snuggles will continue to carry us through until we are on the other side of the transition. Because, y'all. Those sweet moments? They are so very sweet. They literally pull me back up and help me to carry on.

Like today...

When a game of peek-a-boo turned into full-on belly laughter from us all.

When Nathan asked for three snacks to be sure Sylvie was included {this is progress, people}.

When the boys were napping {mercy upon mercy} and the girls were giggly and loving and posing for photos.

When the afternoon latte was hand-delivered by a real-live adult friend {oh, how I've missed you friends!}....accompanied by blessed adult conversation while the littles played all around us.

Or the quiet moments on the front porch swing with my man after the mad-dash of bedtime. Laughing about how crazy this life is and how ridiculously blessed we are by it all.

So, yes. This transition is not quite what I thought it would be. It's busy. It's exhausting. It's overwhelming at times. But the abundance of joy outweighs it all. {And, the secret stash of ice cream and chocolate cookies helps}.


  1. I totally know where you are coming from. Trust me when I say, it will get easier, you will definitely get your stride and everything will simply mesh together. Love seeing your precious girls in pictures tonight.

    1. Thank you, Julie! I think back to those really crazy first months home with the boys and I know we were swamped and exhausted but we made it. :) We will make it through this crazy season too! And we will be better for it... older and with a few more gray hairs...but better:).

  2. Love this Jenny! Those pics are so sweet!

    1. thank you, friend! your post earlier gave me such encouragement:).

  3. Ok, so I only have one, but I so get this! 7 months later and we finally feel like we are coming out on the other side and starting to feel "normal" whatever that is! So glad your precious girl is home!!

  4. I appreciate your honesty. I can't imagine the changes your family is going through and everyone adjusting to so much. I continue to pray for Sylvie and for all of you each day.