August 14, 2014

the farmhouse renovation. {another little peek}.

When everyday feels like groundhog day and the laundry and the dishes and the meals {seriously - why do these wee ones need to eat so often -- can't we just have a bowl of cereal and call it dinner for goodness sake?!?} are never-ending and the four walls start closing in... what do you do?

You revamp the four walls.

Finally refinishing the old chairs from Grandma Marrs has made me feel more productive than about anything else I've done in the past three months. It's amazing what a little paint and sweaty equity can do for your soul.


I love that our sweet Bailey-bear is in this photo... I started painting this table months ago and just never finished the whole project. We lost Bailey last month, the weekend before Sylvie came home. We miss him so much...


I painted the table with chalk paint {Country White} and the chairs with a mix of Country White and French Linen.

I knew I wouldn't have time to get to the store to buy fabric to recover the chairs, so I dug through what I already had on hand and found some old coffee sacks that served as decor for the boys' barnyard birthday party. On a whim, I decided to cut them up and see how they would work as seat covers. I think they turned out unique and fun.

As you can see, we had to put up new posts on the porch that need to be painted. And, we need to paint the wood floor on the front porch {thinking a dark grey}.

You guys. This farmhouse is a renovation project for the rest of my days. It never, ever ends.

Simply because we can't stand to not have a thousand things going on at once, we decided to start a couple more new projects before we finished the list of 50 billion things that we already have ongoing {can you sense my sarcasm here?}.

Currently underway: a new garage with an apartment upstairs for guests + an office for Dave {hurray! my kitchen table will no longer be covered in piles of bills and house-plans and files...} and a new back porch that we will screen in so we can actually eat dinner outside without being swarmed by an army of flies.

The start of the garage...

Today, the garage is up, and the porch construction has began.

Inside the space above the garage {including an actual mudroom as you enter the house through the garage} is not even close to being finished and we still need to repaint the entire house. We're going to paint it a nice, clean white. Very farmhouse-y. I originally liked the creamy white color but changed my mind as soon as the house was painted. Dave loves me and my inability to make a decision on paint colors. :)

I'm excited to decorate these new spaces. Just a little sneak peek of something that we are going to incorporate into an idea I have for the patio...{yet another project for Dave}...

Unfortunately, my carefree days of browsing endless "junk" stores to find the perfect pieces of furniture are gone. Well, unless I want to unleash four littles on some poor, unsuspecting store owner. So, I'm not entirely sure how I'll get these spaces furnished but we'll figure it out. It may take a few years but I'm not in a hurry. Decorating a space takes time... I never want to have a cookie-cutter fresh- from- a- Pottery- Barn- catalog room in my home. I want the choices of furniture and decor to reflect our family and our passions.

One of my favorite nooks in our home. Full of little details that make me smile.

Happy Thursday, friends! The boys start pre-school tomorrow {praise the Lord!} so we are all anxious and excited around here today!!!


  1. This is turning out really cute. Be sure to take before pictures. Progress is good.

  2. Beautiful! I love it!
    Cooking Up Faith

  3. The table turned out FABULOUS! I am in love with your house. You've done such a good job picking out each piece!