August 15, 2014

a first day.

Dear Ben & Nate,

Last night, I was feeling nostalgic and started looking through old photos and videos. I know you're technically still little, but, oh my heart, you have grown so much lately. These past four years have been so full of laughter and joy ... you first made me a momma and that privilege is one of the greatest joys of my life. I could not be more grateful for every memory we have created together.

As we have prepared over the past several weeks for today {your first day of 4-year-old Pre-K at your new "big boy school"}, we have all felt excitement and anticipation for this new chapter in your lives. Shopping for your school supplies {you are both SO excited to have a big boy spiderman backpack}, meeting your teacher and celebrating with dinner out with just momma & daddy {little sisters stayed home}, have all built up to this morning.

Organizing their backpacks and showing off supplies to Papa :)

Dinner out after meeting their new teacher

You will now be in school three times a week for a full day. I've been so nervous about this - yet another big transition for you. We have had so much change lately and I've been so worried about how you will handle another adjustment.

But, you were both so excited this morning. You didn't want any help carrying your heavy put them on your back and marched right into your school building. Heads held high.   There were no tears or apprehension about this new place. You found your name and took a seat at your little desk next to new faces.

Nathan's expression is cracking me up... don't mess with this guy.

As I look back over "first days" of years past, I cannot help but marvel at the boys you have become. You are no longer my babies or even my have become so independent and your personalities continue to emerge.

I've prayed over this new year...over your new school, your new teacher and your new friends. I've asked God to shepherd your hearts through the new experiences and lessons you will learn in this new place. I've asked that He use this time of learning to prepare your minds and, most importantly, your hearts for what is to come on this road of life. I've asked for your hearts to be kind...for you to reach out to new friends and to make others feel loved. I've asked that you exude His light in this new place.

What an honor it is to be your momma, sweet boys. I am so very proud of you and am anxiously awaiting the news of how your day went!

With all my love,


  1. These boys are the cutest ever. I can't believe how big they are getting!

  2. such handsome little fellas! I pray that have a fantastic year!!!

  3. so handsome! So glad that they were excited about their school! Praying their time away will be fun for them and energizing for you!