March 7, 2014

baby charlotte {an update}

29 weeks.

Today, I am officially 29 weeks pregnant with lil' Charlotte!

This may not seem like much of a milestone, yet it is a big one. During my pregnancy with the boys, I was air-lifted to Little Rock due to active and quickly progressing labor on the exact day I reached 29 weeks.

So, here I am. Feet up, typing this post, feeling Charli kicking inside and feeling grateful. I had my last appointment with my high-risk doc yesterday and, although he still believes she will try to come early, all is well for now. She is growing and healthy and all of her parts are forming perfectly. I love ultrasounds... a sneak peek at this little person inside. She was hiding her face yesterday but we were able to confirm that she is head down, has all four chambers of her heart, has great blood flow to her heart and cord, spinal cord looks perfect, and fluid levels are holding strong. She weighs 2 lbs 14 ounces {clearly a mistake, she has to weigh at least 15 lbs by now... why else is that number on the scale continuing to rise?!?!}. My cervical length is shorter than average {being a natural over-achiever, this fact annoys me...who wants a short cervix? bummer} but it hasn't shortened over the course of the last month and that is a good sign.

We also confirmed that she loves her sleep, just like momma. A girl after my own heart. :) She kept kicking the ultrasound wand-thingy {official medical terminology} because we were disturbing her beauty rest. Clearly, she has a little spunk.

Earlier this week, I had my glucose screening {and may have passed out when they tried four times to draw blood}, received my rhogam injection and I continue to get weekly doses of progesterone shot into my booty. The things we do for our kiddos... I'll hold all of this over her head until she graduates college.

Although this particular season of life is what I have affectionately termed "INSANE!!!," I am trying to rest as much as possible. We are now in full moving mode which is super fun when you're seven months pregnant. We haven't moved the "big" stuff but have driven over dozens of car loads of boxes to the farmhouse to get somewhat settled before we take the full plunge. It is never-ending. I feel like we have moved and/or donated sooooo much, yet, we still have a house full. How is that possible?!!

Anyhoo... we have piles of baby clothes, blankets, and toys that need to be organized and put away. Currently, they are loaded into closets and the doors remain closed. My parents are headed up in a couple of weeks and I have already warned my mom that she is going to be put to work when she arrives. Nesting is kicking in and this move is throwing it all off kilter.

While in Florida last week, my family and friends surprised me with a baby shower for Charlotte. I was completely surprised and incredibly annoyed that no one told me to take a shower or put on a normal outfit. Ridiculous. :) Yet, it was such a sweet evening celebrating this little miracle girl.

You guys. This. This was my reaction. I actually rolled my eyes. Am I thirteen?!?! Hahahahaha. Despite the red eye'd pic, I had to share this one because Clearly, my outward expressions of gratitude are overflowing here...
And, here I am telling my mom that I didn't paint my toenails and am wearing flip flops. It's winter, for Pete's sake. Who paints their toenails in the winter?? The flip flops threw me off. 
Honestly, my heart was very heavy that day. Dave was in Congo at the time visiting our S and reports back were not positive. She was sick and Dave was getting nowhere trying to find any information on what we could do to get her home for treatment. It was a stay-in-bed-and-cry kind of day.

So, the surprise shower took me completely off-guard. It was a tangible reminder of the way joy can seep in right alongside sorrow. Although my heart ached to be celebrating the upcoming arrival of both of our beloved daughters, it was a beautiful evening honoring this little life God is intricately weaving and preparing for the world.

My friend, Brandy, couldn't make it in for the shower, so she sent a photo instead.
Of the two of us in fourth grade. Nice. Reason #15,000,222 why we are friends. 

We played "The Price is Right" and I had every, single price wrong. Clearly, I'm not used to buying baby things. 

Here, you can see Debbie and April laughing at my belly. Or, at the gigantic spot on my "dress" {it's my bathing suit cover-up, people! I wore a bathing suit cover-up to my baby shower}! I didn't realize there was a huge spot there until looking through these photos. Awesome. 
Have I told y'all that my younger sister is preggo too?! She is 3 weeks and 15 lbs behind me. She is also having a little girl so my mom is over the moon. For some reason, everyone wanted us to put our bellies together for pictures all week. My belly wins. Go Charlotte!!
{And, yes, there are more spots on my "dress"... I think it's the lighting...}

I'm reprimanding April and Debbie is laughing... what is happening here?!? 
Oh. My. WORD. My crazy-talented friend {and college roomie}, made this gorgeous gown for Charlotte! Now, she has a "going home from the hospital" outfit to wear!!! 
I took a Facebook poll and was overwhelming convinced that the Rock n' Play will change my life. I'm holding you all to this.  
Sweet book from Nana. Yes, yes, He does. :)
Elise also made a gorgeous blanket for S and monogrammed hair bows {who knew?!} for both girls. LOVE these gifts soooo much. 

What a night! Thank you all for "showering" {hehe! see what I did there?!} Charlotte and I in so much love {and adorableness... baby girl clothes are seriously, ridiculously cute}!!!!!! I love you all!!!!

*And, a big thank you to Aunt Kelly for the photos! :)


  1. Love the eye roll! and the cover-up! So fun!

    1. Ha!!! Lovely, right?!?! If you can't laugh at yourself, well, then, that's no fun:)

  2. So sweet! Looks like it was a great shower! So excited for ya'll and was just praying for your sweet family today when I was out walking! Still praying for that miracle!!! :)

    1. Thank you so much, sweet friend!! you have been such an awesome prayer warrior and encourager on this crazy-long journey...I'm so thankful for you!!

  3. Loved reading this update! The RNP really is a life-changer/life-saver but while Caroline's sweet head turned out perfect and round even though she loved the thing, brother Grant's got a flat-spot from sleeping in it for so long. So here is my tip: you can slip a blanket or two in between the hard part and the fabric cover to make it softer. I didn't know that until too late... also, had I thought about it I would have made Grant nap in his crib or bassinet and saved the RNP for nighttime (or vice-versa). Boys can have a slight flat spot but no girl wants a crooked head! :)