February 26, 2014

happy, happy birthday to you!!

Happy birthday to you! 
Happy birthday to you! 
Happy birthday to DDDAAAVVEEE!!! 
Happy birthday to youuuuu!!!!!!!

We are spending today apart {for reasons I'll catch y'all up on soon, I'm so behind on sharing all the crazy stuff happening in our lives...too busy living it} so I thought I'd take a little walk down memory lane and just sit and reflect on how good and gracious God has been to me by providing this man as my husband and best friend and daddy to our littles. I have never met anyone with a more compassionate heart or a more trustworthy and honest character. I am truly, truly blessed.


Just two crazy kids... on the night we got engaged. In Paris. At the Eiffel tower. Yes, he is a romantic at heart and has spoiled me from day one.

The best day. Ready to embark on this journey of life together...


Our lives have been full of adventure, laughter, and joy...

About to tip the gondola over...ha!

Our adventures look a little differently these days, but, I can assure you that they are no less full of laughter and joy...

Dave, I am so proud and privileged to be by your side on this crazy, twisty, incredible journey of life. You are an incredible example of a Godly man, walking with integrity and leading your family in love and with your eyes on the Lord. I am thankful for you and celebrate you today!!!!!

Happy birthday, Dave / Daddy !!!!!!


  1. What a great post :-) I had fun glimpsing into a beautiful marriage of adventure. For the record, I think we would be great "couple friends".

    1. I love it! Always need good " couple friends":)!!